The mission of the San Mateo County Fire Department is to protect the life, property, and natural resources of its citizens and visitors through effective emergency response, incident mitigation, preparedness, education, and prevention.


The vision of the San Mateo County Fire Department is to provide quality service and support to all communities, cooperators and stakeholders in San Mateo County and to be a leader in fire protection, fire prevention, and emergency response.



  • We are committed to the safety and well-being of the public and our employees. • We strive for excellence and professionalism.
  • We maintain a can-do attitude and humility in the execution of our duties.


  • We care about each other and our service to others, including cooperators, governing bodies, and the public.
  •  We build and maintain cooperative relationships across the State to benefit the public we serve.
  • We allow every member of the Department a voice within a chain-of-command structure.


  • We integrate resource management, fire protection, and fire prevention missions on behalf of the State and local communities.
  • We strive to ensure a high level of environmental protection in all our programs and operations.

Organizational Excellence

  • We value the diversity among our employees and the vital functions they perform to enhance our mission.
  • We exhibit calm resilience and performance in the face of emergencies and disasters of any scale.
  • We recognize the importance of clear and consistent communication.
  • We embrace and support innovation.